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ESTD. 2011
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    Jetto is a leading business aviation company whose main activity is the provision of aircraft rental services. We have many years of experience working with the largest companies in the global market. We guarantee our customers attention to detail and first-class service.

  • Individual approach

    The main value of the company is customers. Therefore, our key feature is a high-level service and an individual approach. We do not work within the usual framework, for us there are no impossible tasks. By choosing our company, you choose the best professionals in the industry with many years of experience.

  • Comfort in the details

    Business aviation services are a priority for our company. Our own fleet of aircraft, consisting of modern and reliable aircraft, makes it possible to choose the most suitable conditions for each client and ensures maximum comfort and safety of flights.

Documentation, baggage handling and other nuances will be settled by personal managers and representatives in the VIP terminal.

Business is based on the principles of mobility and punctuality, so we guarantee strict adherence to schedules.

When renting a personal VIP aircraft, you will forget about the long wait, queues and other possible delays.

Own fleet
All business jets are regularly inspected and scheduled maintenance is carried out.

Own fleet of aircraft of various capacity, range and flight speed

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Scheduled maintenance is a guarantee of the safety of your flights.

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